Pipeline Protection Mesh
Pipeline Protection Mesh

Rockshield is a new thick pipeline protection mesh manufactured for protecting pipeline coatings from rock backfills. Rockshiel acts as a rock guard padding around the pipes during and after backfill operations by cushioning the impact of rocks which can cause damage to the pipe coating and result in the corrosion of the pipeline. Rockshield offers high compression strength and resistance to destructive forces, both during and after the backfill operations. Rockshield is essential for projects where pipelines will be constructed in rocky terrain.


Rockshield pipeline protection mesh is a three dimensional bi-planar extruded diamond structured mesh manufactured from high-density polyethylene. The plastic mesh offers a consistent thickness throughout the width of each roll or pad to provide full width protection to the pipeline during backfill operations minimizing holidays (pipeline coating damage) that can cause corrosion. Rockshield rock guard mesh offers protection from abrasive objects after installation, prohibiting geologic movements from damaging your pipeline.

Structure: Diamond Mesh

Polymer: Polyethylene

Colour: Black

Width: 2.5 mtr / as per requirement

Length: Rolls or Pads as required

Thickness: 10mm (0.40")/ as per requirement

Weight: 1550g/m²/ 0.32lb/ft² or as per requirement

Aperture Size: 4mm x 4mm (0.16" x 0.16") nominal or as per requirement